Feb 6

Leon: Founder’s Mentality in Action

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It’s popcorn time again.   A while back we offered up a little film on Jaipur Rugs and how the company’s founder and his leadership team kept their insurgent mission alive by connecting their weavers and customers.   Now we tell the story of UK-based fast food chain Leon and the founder’s quest to answer a simple question:  “What if God Made Fast Food?”

Please enjoy this remarkable story of Founder’s Mentality in action.  As you watch the video, ask yourself:

  1. Are our people as passionate about the insurgent mission of our company as Leon’s team?   (For that matter, you might ask whether your own company still has a clear insurgent mission.)
  2. Does this passion translate into a different customer experience?   Does your company have the same sense of frontline empowerment, where each team feels like mini-founders transforming their industry?


Nov 29

Event: Facebook Live with Chris Zook

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Chris Zook

Harvard Business Review hosted The Founder’s Mentality coauthor Chris Zook for a Facebook Live presentation on December 5.

Chris explained the principles of his best-selling book and took questions from viewers.

Watch a replay of the presentation below.

Oct 24

The Key Traits of Great Founders

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Most successful businesses start off with a clear insurgent mission on behalf of underserved customers. They are at war with their industry and each employee understands the company’s bold vision—and is inspired by it. Yet as a company grows over time, this insurgent mission and sense of purpose can become diluted.

Our research of hundreds of founders across more than 40 countries has shown that great founders consistently work hard to maintain that clear insurgent mission. They have a laser-like focus on the long-term goals of their business. Great founders listen to their customers and are always looking to innovate and push the boundaries to stay ahead.

Jun 6

Founder’s Mentality: We Wrote the Book on It

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fm-thumbnail-220x207Tomorrow, we start a new phase of our journey to explore the Founder’s Mentality with you.

Yes, tomorrow, June 7, is the official publication date of The Founder’s Mentality book.

But clearly the word has been out a while, thanks to you, the readers of this blog, and those who read the articles that Chris Zook and I have published in Harvard Business Review, on The Wall Street Journal‘s The Experts blog and elsewhere. The book is already ranked as a best seller on Amazon thanks to preorders alone.

We’re also pleased to say the book has been endorsed by some of the world’s best-known founders/CEOs:

  • Carlos Brito (CEO, Anheuser-Busch InBev)
  • Michael Dell (founder/CEO, Dell)
  • Adrian Gore (founder/CEO of Discovery Group)
  • Linda Rottenberg (Cofounder/CEO of Endeavor Global)
  • Les Wexner (founder/CEO of L Brands)

We’re really proud of that reception. So, whether you’re a longtime reader of this blog or new to the concept, we invite you to participate in the official launch. To get you in the mood, we’ve tried to summarize it in 200 seconds in the video below.


May 2

Reversing Stall-out

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fm-crisis-stallout-220x207The prospect of stalling out is frightening for executives. We define “stall-out” as the moment a growing company with a clear growth engine begins to show signs of slowing down amid increasing organizational complexity.

And that’s scary, because most companies falling victim to stall-out never fully recover. […]

Mar 2

The Golden Thread, or A Movie and Three Questions

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Grab some popcorn; we’re going to watch a little movie and then have a discussion. The movie is a short version of a story we’ve told here before—the story of Jaipur Rugs, the story of Founder’s Mentality in action. Please enjoy.


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