Paths to Scale Insurgency

Path to Renewal

Incumbents eventually sink under the weight of their own complexity—pulled down until they become struggling bureaucracies that have not only lost their Founder’s Mentality, but begin to lose the net benefits of scale and scope. Incumbents and struggling bureaucracies combat these forces by reviving and regaining their Founder’s Mentality. This can put them on the path to what we call scale insurgency, a state in which companies have grown to scale and achieved a position of leadership while maintaining the many benefits of aspiring insurgents.

The Journey North

Growing companies do not have to trade away their insurgency for a doomed stint in incumbency. If they know the predictable dangers they face and how to avoid them, growing companies can resist the winds that blow them off course and become scale insurgents. This is the Journey North, a multiyear commitment to defining the insurgent mission succinctly, translating it into strategy and using that strategy as a blueprint for growth and professionalization.