• Micro-battles create microcosms of the company you want to be: Critical strategic initiatives run by small, cross-functional teams that deliver customer solutions quickly and scale them effectively (Win-Scale). Executives manage a portfolio of micro-battles, creating a peer-to-peer learning system (Amplify) to help improve the individual solutions and the organization as a whole.
  • Micro-battles involve specific support and activities. They:
    • Are led by franchise players who are empowered to act as leaders
    • Have the sponsorship and support of the executive committee
    • Are comprised of cross-functional team whose roles support both customer intimacy and scale
    • Rely on learning by testing with customers
    • Use Agile methods, with a constant focus on the next failure point and rollout model
  • Micro-battles can be launched immediately, with three winnable, scalable micro-battles, led by your stars and focused on key areas of dysfunction in your organization.

Since writing The Founder’s Mentality, we’ve been on a shared mission with dozens of companies to start a journey to becoming the scale insurgent in their industry. We’ve worked on hundreds of micro-battles and blogged about the lessons we’ve learned. We’ve organized these lessons into a user guide, which you can explore above, or download here.


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