Founder’s Mentality 100 (FM100) is Bain’s initiative to partner with high-growth companies as they journey toward becoming a “scale insurgent.” To help accelerate growth and address the challenges these companies face as they increase in scale and scope, Bain is committed to an enduring partnership featuring flexible working models, IP that is developed to meet each company’s unique circumstances and a global peer network of founders/CEOs to learn from. Contact Bain to learn more about joining the FM100.

How tomorrow’s leaders tackle the challenges of growth

The next generation of growth leaders are going to come disproportionately from developing markets. Dunigan O’Keeffe, a partner in Bain’s Strategy practice, explains how the Founder’s Mentality 100 creates tailor-made strategies for these unique companies.

Previous events

  • 3 Brazil Forums: April 2015, September 2015, February 2014 (Attendees: 36 Founders/CEOs)
  • 5 China Forums: March 2015, September 2015,  January 2014, March 2014, September 2014 (Attendees: 30 Founders/CEOs)
  • 3 India Forums: October 2015, May 2015, May 2014 (Attendees: 35 Founders/CEOs)
  • Indonesia Forum: December 2014 (Attendees: 9 Founders/CEOs)
  • Italy Forum: October 2015 (Attendees: 64 Founders/CEOs)
  • Malaysia Forum: October 2013 (Attendees: 9 Founders/CEOs)
  • Mexico Forum: November 2015 (Attendees: 14 Founders/CEOs)
  • Nigeria Forum: July 2015 (Attendees: 9 Founders/CEOs)
  • South Africa Forum: November 2015 (Attendees: 6 Founders/CEOs)
  • Turkey Forum: March 2016

Benefits of membership

Members of the FM100 participate in Bain research and meet each other in executive forums around the world to discuss the challenges their companies face on their path to scale insurgency. Together, they co-create the strategies and tools that help them maintain their Founder’s Mentality and avoid the forces that push too many companies toward complacent incumbency or even struggling bureaucracy.

The Journey North

the-journey-north-322Young disruptive companies with ambitious founders know how to deliver on the front line. If they want to sustain growth in the long term, they will have to achieve scale without losing their insurgent mindset.

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