Praise for The Founder’s Mentality


“If your company isn’t soaring as anticipated, look inside not out. Chances are your problems aren’t due to market forces but rather issues such as a distancing from core principles, becoming deaf to your consumer’s voice and sometimes a founder not empowering his people. These are some of the insights gleaned from THE FOUNDER’S MENTALITY.”

USA Today

“Summer is here, and everyone needs a business book or two to read. I’m recommending THE FOUNDER’S MENTALITY: How to Overcome the Predictable Crises of Growth by two very senior partners and strategy practice heads at Bain & Company—Chris Zook and James Allen. … You should read the book to understand the common root cause of corporate growth problems, and how a company can address those issues.”

 —Adam Hartung,

“Excellent … Zook and Allen’s book focuses on how to manage the following dilemma: How can we manage growth without destroying what made us great? … THE FOUNDER’S MENTALITY causes us to appreciate the brilliance of an IKEA and to take practical steps to keep the Founder’s Mentality at the forefront of the way we define strategy, the way we hire front line people, and the way we design compensation systems.”

Psychology Today

“Fascinating and worth noting.”

Amanda Lang, Bloomberg GO

“Chris Zook and James Allen are known for their books on strategy … Their new book [THE FOUNDER’S MENTALITY] is a departure in the sense that they turn their attention, for the first time, from external strategy to internal, but it continues their now fifteen-year bent of focusing on companies’ roots in the process of helping them in periods of growth. … In that sense, Zook and Allen are staying true to their own core—their core research on how companies grow, which is immense and impressive, and their core purpose of helping leaders through that process. The other consistency across all their books is the great blend of research and storytelling.”

800-CEO-READ (Editor’s Choice)

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