About our research

The Founder’s Mentality drew upon a wide range of sources from large, quantitative surveys, large analyses using our proprietary Bain & Company data bases, and an extensive number of discussions, interviews and case studies. The sources are as follows:

  • Discussions in seven sessions around the world of top growth companies; Bain project called the “Founder’s Mentality 100”
  • Interviews with about 100 executives/founders worldwide about growth challenge
  • Two global surveys of growth targets and barriers (N=325, N=377)
  • Bain Profit from the Core Database (8,000 global public companies)
  • Analysis of case examples from Bain & Company Global Experience Center (GXC) and from outside sources/literature/founder books
  • Analysis of performance of founder mentality companies vs. others
  • Macro (Fortune 500)
  • Micro (Data base of 200 company practices)
  • Supplementary surveys (e.g., Endeavor global entrepreneurs)
  • Analysis of value creation at different stages of company life cycle: Definition of three crisis periods (overload, stall-out, free fall)
  • Analysis of large company stall-outs (frequency, recovery, causes, speed)
  • Analysis of small company rates of growth
  • International studies of growth and job creation and role of young companies