It’s popcorn time again.   A while back we offered up a little film on Jaipur Rugs and how the company’s founder and his leadership team kept their insurgent mission alive by connecting their weavers and customers.   Now we tell the story of UK-based fast food chain Leon and the founder’s quest to answer a simple question:  “What if God Made Fast Food?”

Please enjoy this remarkable story of Founder’s Mentality in action.  As you watch the video, ask yourself:

  1. Are our people as passionate about the insurgent mission of our company as Leon’s team?   (For that matter, you might ask whether your own company still has a clear insurgent mission.)
  2. Does this passion translate into a different customer experience?   Does your company have the same sense of frontline empowerment, where each team feels like mini-founders transforming their industry?

We define Founder’s Mentality along three dimensions:  a clear sense of insurgency, a frontline obsession and an owner mindset.  We hope you agree the Leon is a great story of how a clear insurgent mission to redefine the fast food industry helped to create a community of passionate teams, bringing the insurgency to each restaurant, to each customer.   We hope it inspires you as it has inspired us.